Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kitchen Baking with Red!

This is another of my infamous red displays, featuring a red baking theme.  I found the two thermoses in the back of the picture about 3-4 years ago at a local antique sale and I just had to buy them; they perfectly personify the 1950s vibe that I adore.

The red Calumet can is actually my mom’s- she collects these like nobody’s business and I commandeered one of hers that she wasn’t using anymore. J  When I saw the bright, shiny red nut chopper I just had to grab it up- I had never found one in such great shape, and I haven’t seen a red one since then!  The cookie cutters I’ve been amassing for quite some time now- whenever I find one with a red handle I try to grab it up for my burgeoning collection.

My absolute favorite find, though, is the terrific cherry napkin everything is displayed on- it was actually a gift from an antique dealer I know!  She collects cherry things, too, and after I had been buying for her for a few years and she discovered my love affair of cherries she graciously gave me one from her collection!


  1. I really like your vintage reds and the way you displayed them.

  2. This is really cute! I just foudn you and I will be back! :) Sandy @ 521 Lake Street

  3. You have some great finds there!


    Enamored of red
    I lie in my bed,
    Dreaming of cherry-filled crèmes;

    For red’s a fine shade,
    The prettiest made,
    And gives me the sweetest of dreams.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red and Yellow Rooftops

  4. I still have my mom's cookie cutters - only the little wooden handles are green.

    Ah, great memories!

    i'm your new follower.

  5. Cute vintage baking supplies! Makes me think of my grandma.

  6. I love that 50s vibe, too but then again, I love the 40s, 60s, and 70s, too! Ha! ♥

  7. Love your little red vignette!! Happy Rednesday!! I'm now following you...I love red too! All the best ~Deanna

  8. Hi, are you no longer blogging? Just ran across you and I love so many of the same things. I am an avid cherry theme collector and Love vintage thermoses, and anything red! Following and hope you will return to blogging!