Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kitchen Baking with Red!

This is another of my infamous red displays, featuring a red baking theme.  I found the two thermoses in the back of the picture about 3-4 years ago at a local antique sale and I just had to buy them; they perfectly personify the 1950s vibe that I adore.

The red Calumet can is actually my mom’s- she collects these like nobody’s business and I commandeered one of hers that she wasn’t using anymore. J  When I saw the bright, shiny red nut chopper I just had to grab it up- I had never found one in such great shape, and I haven’t seen a red one since then!  The cookie cutters I’ve been amassing for quite some time now- whenever I find one with a red handle I try to grab it up for my burgeoning collection.

My absolute favorite find, though, is the terrific cherry napkin everything is displayed on- it was actually a gift from an antique dealer I know!  She collects cherry things, too, and after I had been buying for her for a few years and she discovered my love affair of cherries she graciously gave me one from her collection!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Earth Laughs in Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson had the correct idea with this quote; every year I marvel at the beauty that my garden can produce- even as I make a mad scrabble to stay ahead of the weeding!

I found a new picnic table for in the backyard which I was thrilled with beyond belief!  I have a passion for outdoor goodies, and seeing as I lacked anything in this corner of my yard, I felt my find was terrific.  Those daisies that are busy blooming away in the background have probably quadrupled in size from when I bought them just two years ago.  I had been looking for daisies for years, and then when I found some I bought two gallon containers of them- yep, all those Daisies are from just TWO gallon containers!
This is my vegetable garden, which I created after getting rid of the old swimming pool.  It took me a few weeks of staring at a nearly 30-foot round sand pile to figure what I wanted to do with the space, then another week to figure out how to lay out the raised beds.  I must have come up with a dozen configurations before settling on this!  I love it, and I LOVE that I can get fresh veggies right out of my back door now!
Don't you just love this bench?  I love primitive blue, and have been slowly collecting watering cans for the past few years (although can two cans really be called a collection?!?).  When I spotted this bench I just knew it would be perfect for my little collection, plus because the bench isn't too big, I actually look like I have a collection!